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Hey, I'm Taylor. I help first time home buyers get in their first home.

I've had the pleasure of helping many amazing folks get into their first home!

Book a free, no obligation call with me - we'll chat about:
✓ Programs/Incentives for First-Timers
✓ Downpayments
✓ Mortgages/Pre-approvals

What People Say

...It’s been 5 months since working on my mortgage with Taylor and he is still regularly checking in on me, offering advice and tips. I will never work with anyone other than Taylor!!!

Laura A.

Taylor has a deep knowledge of and a genuine interest in the work that he does and it shows! This made it easy to put our trust in him and take his advice without second-guessing...


Gillian G.

Taylor is amazing to work with! His passion and experience in real estate is such a great tool for me. We have connected multiple times to discuss strategies on scaling my portfolio.

Dan C.

Plus, I'll send over a complimentary First Time Home Buyer's Guide which will:

  • give you clarity on your first/next steps

  • explain some of the lingo

  • provide details on available programs

  • help prepare documents

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What you need to know about me...

✓  70% approval rate, I've helped 6 new homeowners last month

✓ 100% of my first time buyers have gone on to purchase another property as a rental 

✓  I have been a first-time homeowner, joint venture partner, syndicator, and have done vendor take backs

Some interesting stuff...

✓ I love skiing, mountaineering, or playing pretty much any sport

✓ I've travelled about 80 countries

✓ Planted in Kelowna to focus on our family and kids

The Process

I help you get your first home in 3 easy steps!


1. Book A Discovery Call

This is where we can virtually connect and get to know eachother.


2. Submit Online Application

yYou fill out a confidential and quick application.


3. Recieve Detailed Budget

You are provided with a personalized strategy with a detailed budget.

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